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Artificial Intelligence is a set of multiple technologies that work in tandem to let machines sense, learn, comprehend, and act to augment human activities. This technology was first proposed in the year 1956, at a conference at Dartmouth, and since then, the optimism associated with AI ran high that the machines were estimated to carry out human functions within the following 20 years. 




How artificial intelligence is transforming the world

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There’s a Lot More to AI Than Just Chatbots


Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness

Could artificial intelligence ever gain true consciousness? This documentary explores what might unfold if super intelligent AI acquired consciousness, how it might see itself, and what it’s impact might be on our world and beyond.

Frequently Asked Question

We have gathered our frequently asked questions that can help you in evaluating the software house’s services and making a decision.

Building a custom web application is a time-consuming endeavor. It takes time to learn the processes of your business, to gather requirements, to flesh out your needs, and to build the software. Put simply, time is money.

While it’s a large investment, by investing in custom software, you’ll own the code instead of having a long-term licensing agreement with another software company.

A custom business software solution increases process efficiency through process automation. When business processes are properly automated, they minimize the waste in time and resources that the original processes contained.

Think of it this way: with software that already exist, you have to modify your process to meet software capabilities. With custom software, you can build a system around the existing processes you have in place. You took a lot of time to develop those processes, so why should you revamp your business?

Each custom software system is like it says on the tin: custom. Each project is the first one like it and budgeting for the unknown can be challenging. At Inverse-Square, we have a process in place that gets us as close as possible. We also have real-time transparency where you can see all of the communications between our team regarding your custom project at any given time.

IP stands for Intellectual Property. When you deal with anything creative, you have to think about copyright and the intellectual property on that work and that includes the creation of software code.

This gets back to the question of buy vs. build. If there is an existing solution that can suit your needs just fine, then it makes sense to buy, but the software developer owns the code and you are basically licensing the software from there. However, if you need a specialized solution that is customized to your needs and decide to go the custom development route, then the question of who owns the code is an important one.

here are two types of methodologies that custom software developers usually rely on: Agile or Waterfall. In our young industry, there’s still a lot of debate over which one of the different project management styles are best. At Inverse-Square, we choose to manage our projects using a combination of each in our own hybrid approach, preferring to focus on the pragmatic over the theoretical.

There are different types of contracts to choose from when contracting custom web application development. A flexible developer will attempt to match the specific nature of the project with the contract, but a responsible developer will also advise you that the contract should share the burden fairly between both parties. Find out why in the suggested reading.